As the journey begins at conception, we have made sure that our little fishes know how to swim before they are born!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the start of our aqua yoga classes for pregnant women at our new facilities, the swimming pool of St. Luke’s Hospital in Panorama!

The tranquility that yoga offers is married with the water and together they make a unique combination of wellness! Once or twice a week for 50 minutes is enough to make you feel a complete change in your body! A perfect combination of relaxation and exercise ― both for the pregnant woman and the fetus ― during the most important period of your life!

The program includes breathing exercises (the most beautiful gift you can give to your baby during pregnancy), stretching that helps “unfold” the body which changes so quickly day by day, exercises to change the position of the fetus during the final stages of the pregnancy and of course relaxation exercises that are so needed for both the mother and the baby! The course also includes familiarization exercises for childbirth in the water. All these take of course place in the water, where weight ceases to exist and the only thing that remains is true relaxation and release…

Lessons are held in a comfortable and warm venue with a separate entrance from the main building of the hospital, in a large pool that is ideal for groups of maximum 8. The temperature of the water is at 33˚ C, it is treated primarily with ozone and there are plenty changing rooms and showers! Our main concern is, as always, to reach the highest hygiene standards! Of course, there is also ample free parking space.

If you are also pregnant and you wish the best both for yourself and your baby, you can call at the following numbers.

Education and Training Manager: Nicolas Hatzigiakoumis ― Professor of physical education, swimming and baby swimming instructor, lifeguard, water ski trainer, personal and family gymnast. He holds two baby swimming certificates, as well as degrees in first aid and diving. He has followed numerous seminars and he is a specialized aqua yoga teacher for pregnant women accredited by Birthlight.

Programme Manager – Information: Christina Chrysochoidou

Tel: (0030) 6955 066 413 &  6977 249 056