benefits of baby swimming

The benefits of baby swimming are unique. It is scientifically proven that baby swimming strengthens children’s physique, respiratory system and heart function and improves their body posture. It helps them overcome their fears, gain confidence and become more social and independent.

It is also a very constructive way to spend time with their parents and as is well known, exercise keeps them from getting sick often!!!

  • Children who attend baby swimming classes are often able to swim before they even walk. As they advance their swimming skills, they learn how to synchronize, they become more resistant and they strengthen their respiratory system.

  • The earlier children start with baby swimming, the faster they develop the necessary skills that will ensure their safety in the water.

  • The smooth and relaxing exercises in the water let them sleep better, longer and more peacefully. The parents of our little students are indeed telling us that their babies sleep better and longer after their swimming lessons.

  • Swimming offers great joy to children and allows them to develop a healthier and more dynamic personality.

  • Baby swimming helps infants develop their self-esteem and become more independent adults in the future. As they learn how to move freely in the water, they also increase their sense of well-being.

  • Parents are able to spend a very productive and enjoyable time with their children, especially at this age that very few activities are suitable for infants. That way, baby swimming builds stronger bonds between parents and children and, under the right circumstances, it increases cohesion in the family and the society in general.

  • Baby swimming is often their first experience with children of the same age. Thus they learn to socialize and interact with each other and they look forward to the next lesson. They develop their social skills much more than other children who do not participate in similar activities. Baby swimmers are thus more social!

  • Parents also have the opportunity to meet and discuss with each other about their common interests and beliefs. So children and parents socialize together.

  • Swimming classes from such a young age set a solid foundation for children’s later contact with all kinds of water sports.